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 week 13 El Rancho motel

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PostSubject: week 13 El Rancho motel   Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:36 pm

 1. I created a motel sign
 2. Adding a skybox (late evening)
 3. Creating more light to fit with the sky
 4. Making a bridge to link two buildings together and also finishing another building
 5. Adding more props around the level

Interior level 1
 1. Setting all the lights
 2. Adding props around such as plants, carpet, pictures etc...
 3. Creating reception area
 4. Making main stairs
 5. Adding material on the floor
 6. Creating messy lounge area

Interior lever 2
 1. Setting all the lights
 2. Fixing all the bedrooms
 3. Adding props around this level
 4. Creating toilet room
 5. Creating messy dining area

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week 13 El Rancho motel
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