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 Week 10 - Reimagining and Planing

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Week 10 - Reimagining and Planing Empty
PostSubject: Week 10 - Reimagining and Planing   Week 10 - Reimagining and Planing Icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2016 11:30 pm

Based on the provided feedback we took this week to sit back and have a second look at our project.
We are changing the overall structure of the level to make it simpler and faster:

  • only a single temple
  • only a single bridge
  • shorter bridge

For next week we will start with getting the redesigning sketched up and overall exterior defined (maybe some terrain).
We will start redesigning the temple interior towards a more engaging encounter.
We already bought a big asset pack that should have everything we need, so we will reduce the time spent looking for assets.
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Week 10 - Reimagining and Planing
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