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 Week 9/10 progress

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Week 9/10 progress Empty
PostSubject: Week 9/10 progress   Week 9/10 progress Icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2016 6:35 pm

This was my progress within the project on the first weeks:

Week 9

  • Coming up and writing down all the creative concept behind the map (everything from setting to sounds)

  • Drawing a blueprint for each level

Week 9/10 progress Bluepr11

  • Writing and editing the whole design document

  • Adding the other tasks done by Charmaine and Angelique (concept art and bsp map) to the document

Week 10

  • Adding all destructible objects to the map

Week 9/10 progress Object10

  • Taking photos of all parts of the map mentioned in the document

Week 9/10 progress Images10

  • Updating the design document as requested

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Week 9/10 progress
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