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 Rey - Week 10 Work

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PostSubject: Rey - Week 10 Work   Rey - Week 10 Work Icon_minitimeSun Sep 21, 2014 2:17 pm

General notes

Been doing some research / Playing around with static meshes decorating some of the BSB's that are intended to be barriers on the map. Just trying to find the most consistent and aesthetically pleasing design, although its proving to be a bit hard since we're deciding to not make Facility overwhelmingly sci-fi-ish however trying to keep it in theme is a challenge.  (Guess this is where our references come in handy lol)

Barrier Style 1 (Messy - Heavy Armored)

Design is kind of messy however it's heavily armored and serves its purpose however it does seem a bit out of place. I'm considering on altering this static mesh 'team' and re-purposing it for something else.

Rey - Week 10 Work 73a5b10e82

Barrier Style 2 (Clean - Plated)

This design i did prefer, i feel it can fit more into the overall theme of facility and it's the closest i got (Using static meshes) to the reference images i used for this barrier. On a side note, the floor tiling texture is in consideration to be used in facility, however further discussion with Jonesy is needed.

Rey - Week 10 Work 37160b86db

Rey - Week 10 Work 1e1df4f093

End Notes

I did do a bit of study on some external 3d models, however for those I did like I felt conflicted in where they could be placed into facility and if they'd even fit the theme so I decided not to include it in this post. I'm happy with my current barrier designs (Since they were the best out of a couple lol) but they still need a bit more work, and i'm conflicted to keep the BSB barrier walls behind them or just replace them with the Static mesh team or work with both.

- Rey
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PostSubject: Re: Rey - Week 10 Work   Rey - Week 10 Work Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2014 3:20 pm

Keep in mind that majority of the map will require custom assets... such as custom meshes and custom textures...and not always relying on UDK assets.
Its important to also show some results and experimentations with what you have researched too.... as simply saying done research is not showing much.

Perhaps try to keep a very clean shiny style maybe... i thought that was the plan... So yeh... keep close communication with Jonesy!
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Rey - Week 10 Work
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